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In conjunction with our development partners Flying Donkey, we are stoked to announce the release of our Personal Finance Management demo application. 

About Basiq’s Developer Starter Kits and Demo Applications

Basiq’s starter kits were created to accelerate time to production. We’ve done the full API integration and user flow, closely following all our best practices, so you can focus on the innovation.

Focusing on both user and developer experience, the applications are easily tailored to create a native user experience that aligns with any application’s product and brand guidelines and can be used standalone, incorporated into your own application, or simply as reference code for what “great” looks like.

The Building blocks of financial services
As we build out our suite of starter kits and demo apps, they are intended to build and stack on top of one another to help accelerate your time to market.

Our PFM demo application is intended to work in conjunction with our account verification starter kit, providing you with a fully CDR compliant, seamless and secure integration to capture user consent.

Unlike our account verification starter kit which is a fully functioning application that just requires brand & styling edits, our PFM demo application does have some static elements, which require further development in order for them to function how you would like them to.

What’s under the hood?

Integrating with the Basiq API means that account aggregation and analysis becomes a seamless process that provides more secure data from the bank. Some of the great features the PFM demo application offers, includes:

  • Streamlined customer onboarding (using Basiq’s account verification starter kit) and a faster, more effective account aggregation process.
  • Ability to instantly retrieve and analyse account information from multiple financial institutions, including bank balances, transaction histories, and spending patterns.
  • Customisable dashboard that displays key financial metrics and allows users to track their spending and savings goals.
  • Easily configurable to fit your brand guidelines by updating the tailwind.config.js file with your brand colors and typeface.
  • Customisable logos and product-specific copy to align with your application’s value proposition and messaging.

PFM Demo App in action

In the demo video below check out the various features pre-built and ready to use in the demo application.

  • After completing your registration and account verification you’ll be served the PFM dashboard, showing a holistic view of the users financial position
  • View expenses, upcoming payments and income streams across various accounts
  • Preview recent transactions and drill down into merchant details including date, time and location
  • View accounts that have been connected to the PFM application
  • Use the calendar view to quickly view and navigate to transactions for further details

Integrating with the Basiq platform
All of these insights shown in the PFM demo application are just the tip of the ice-berg in what can be customised in your PFM solution. Leveraging Basiq for Open Banking and Payments  can provide a personal finance management application with a wide range of features to help your users better understand and manage their finances including: 

  • Account aggregation
  • Spending analysis 
  • Bill payment management 
  • Budgeting
  • Customised financial insights
  • Payment initiation
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Financial planning
  • User authentication and security

There are numerous use cases that can be built into a PFM application to empower users to take control of their financial well-being.

Get started today

To get started with our PFM Demo Kit, all you need is an API key to spin up a PFM demo application. Check out our developer hub for more information on how you can get started with Basiq’s starter kits and demo applications.

Need a custom Saas solution?
Don’t have the development resources or time to customise your solution?

Flying Donkey creates custom SaaS solutions. Having built Basiq’s PFM developer demo application, they know the Basiq API like the back of their hand. Accelerate your Basiq integration from weeks to days with a custom solution.

Interested in learning more about Basiq? Get in touch with our team

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